11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (2024)

Addicted to halloumi? Here's 11 delicious halloumi recipes where this amazing cheese is the star of the show. All recipes are healthy and vegetarian and feature fried, grilled and baked halloumi. Choose from salads, fajitas, kebabs, fritters and much more!

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (1)

Halloumi lovers unite! I've put together a list of the most delicious halloumi recipes the internet has to offer!

Whether you're a halloumi addict or you're looking for your first halloumi recipe, there's something for everyone in this list.

All recipes featured are healthy and vegetarian and have either fried, grilled and baked halloumi as the star of the show. Choose from easy salads, one pan fajitas, loaded burgers and much much more!

If you haven't cooked with halloumi before, make sure to visit my How to Cook Halloumi post which is filled with tips and tricks on how to fry and grill halloumi, as well as loads of information about this amazing cheese.


Halloumi is a cheese that originates from Cyprus. Traditionally it is made with a blend of goats and sheep milk, however, in countries where it’s difficult to source these milks, it can also be made with cow’s milk.

Halloumi has a distinctive layered texture similar to mozzarella and has a salty flavour due to it being brined in a salt water solution.

The unique characteristic of halloumi is that it does not melt when grilled because of its high melting point.


Halloumi has grown more popular in Western countries in recent years, and nowadays you’ll find packaged halloumi cheese in specialty cheese sections at most major supermarkets.

In Australia you'll find it in Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. In America it is commonly found in Trader Joes and Whole Foods. In the UK try your nearest Tesco's.

If you’re having trouble tracking it down, you can always try a smaller co-op, specialty cheese shops or your local Mediterranean deli.

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (2)

Halloumi Fries

Crispy halloumi fries are the ultimate appetiser or snack. These fries are so easy to make - all you need is 5 ingredients and 15 minutes! No deep fryer required - just shallow fry these halloumi fries in a frying pan at home for an irresistible treat.

Halloumi and white beans baked in a rich, smoky, Spanish inspired tomato sauce! This stunning one pot vegetarian meal is on the table in 30 minutes.

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (4)

Photo Credit:www.olivemagazine.com

Halloumi Pizzas

Pizza night tonight? Give these Syrian red pepper muhummara and halloumi pizzas a go. This recipe is super quick, easy and perfect for a meat-free meal

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (5)

Photo Credit:www.sustainablecooks.com

Fried Halloumi With Bruschetta Zoodles

A crispy one-pan dinner,Fried Halloumi With Bruschetta Zoodlesis a delicious weeknight dinner. Keto, vegetarian, and kid-friendly, this one-pot dinner is versatile and simple.

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (6)

Photo Credit:www.hungryhealthyhappy.com

Vegetable and Halloumi Kebabs

No BBQ or summer party should be complete without some kind of halloumi dish and these Vegetable and Halloumi Kebabs are the perfect way to serve them.

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (7)

Pumpkin, Halloumi and Avocado Salad

Gone are the days of bland and boring salads! This pumpkin, halloumi and avocado salad makes for a perfect weeknight dinner - minimal effort, maximum taste.

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (8)

Photo Credit:www.kitchensanctuary.com

Halloumi Burgers with Sticky Chilli Sauce

TheseHalloumi Burgers with Sticky Chilli Sauce are simply delicious and possibly the best vegetarian burger? Vegetarian or meat-eater, this halloumi burger will totally satisfy all tastes.

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (9)

Photo Credit:www.heynutritionlady.com

Warm Zucchini Noodle Salad with tomatoes and halloumi

This Warm Zucchini Noodle Salad with fried halloumi and burst tomatoes is a delicious, low-carb, and healthy alternative to a traditional pasta dish. It’s quick and easy to make, naturally gluten-free, and a great way to get in extra veggies!

This halloumi curry with potato is extra spicy and filling. Serve with rice and naan for a vegetarian meal that’s great for a busy weeknight.

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (11)

Photo Credit:www.happyveggiekitchen.com

Roasted Halloumi Fajitas

Halloumi is seasoned and roasted in the oven with veggies for an easy vegetarian sheet pan meal! No one will miss the meat!

11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (12)

Zucchini and Halloumi Fritters

These quick and easy Zucchini and Halloumi Fritters are a great way to sneak some extra veggies into your diet. These cheesy golden fritters are a healthy and super tasty snack, lunch or dinner that the whole family will love.

Halloumi is such a versatile cheese that can be used in so many ways! It's safe to say you'll make the most of your block of halloumi cheese with any one of these delicious recipes. The only question is which will you try first?

If you’ve tried any of theseHalloumi RecipesI’d love to hear how you enjoyed them! Pop a comment below!

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11 Delicious Halloumi Recipes (2024)


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