16 Delicious Fall Wedding Cake Flavors That You’ll Love (2024)

If you’re planning to get married when the crispness of autumn is in the air, we’re delighted for you! Wedding photos set against a fiery fall backdrop are breathtaking, but even better, there’s a glorious bounty in the flavors of the harvest season!

16 Delicious Fall Wedding Cake Flavors That You’ll Love (1)

Today, we’re checking out scrumptious fall wedding cake flavors, and we’ll provide yummy details on the most perennially popular fall flavors and combinations.

We’re also turning over a new leaf with several hand-selected trendsetting autumn wedding cake ideas for boho brides, goth couples, or rustic-chic lovers.

Most Popular Fall Wedding Cake Flavors to Choose From

Traditionally, fall flavors include a combination of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Cake batters are often more dense and rich than in other seasons because these spices are such prominent ingredients.

Nuts like hazelnuts also provide a fuller texture in a fall wedding cake, and semi-sweet dark chocolate, caramel sauce, baked apples, red wine jelly, and buttercream shredded carrot cakes are also popular.

Let’s check out all of those ingredient choices and give you more ideas of what kind of delicious cakes you can make with each ingredient. So, ready, set, grab your fork!

Cinnamon in Wedding Cakes Is Sinfully Delicious

Let’s get started with delicious cinnamon!

Whether you’re a big fan of spicy candy hearts or lean more towards a nice warm pumpkin spice latte, you can always thank a variety of cinnamon flavors.

We said a variety of cinnamon because this super popular spice comes in different strengths and types. Here’s what to know.

The Goods on Ceylon Cinnamon

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamomum verum is a small evergreen tree native to tropical southern India and Sri Lanka, growing from sea level to almost 3,000 feet.

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This Ceylon cinnamon powder is certified organic, and you can experience the flavor firsthand and use it for many things besides baking your perfect wedding cake!

Ceylon cinnamon is sweet and mild, with notes of citrus and florals that come out in cooking and baking, it also enhances other flavors and spices beautifully.

Here’s an excellent idea for a fall wedding cake flavor with Ceylon cinnamon…

Heavenly Spiced Peach Wedding Cake

Spiced Peaches

Use in your favorite pies, cobblers and deserts or just eat right out of the jar!

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Spiced peaches, Ceylon cinnamon, and rich brown sugar are authentic fall flavors that make a delightful wedding cake.

You can also add harvest fruits like freshly picked pears to your cake for a real taste of autumn.

When you do your online research, you can find many vendors who sell organic spices and canned fruits without artificial flavors or colors. You’ll be able to taste the difference!

What About Cassia Cinnamon?

Organic Way Cinnamon Cassia Powder

Cinnamon Cassia Powder is known for its great potential in lowering blood sugar levels, reducing the risks of heart diseases, and even helps in weight loss.

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Cassia varieties of cinnamon are spicier and somewhat more bitter than Ceylon. Always look for organic cinnamon powders because they are of the highest quality.

Cassia cinnamon used sparingly will enhance buttercream icing and blend nicely with dark chocolate or liqueur cakes.

In addition, Cassia cinnamon may have heart health benefits, and it can lower blood sugar, so try this delicious flavor out in your coffee or tea!

We think the mixture of chocolate and spicy cinnamon makes a great fall wedding cake flavor. Check out this delicious idea…

Mexican Artisanal Chocolate Wedding Cake

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Select from 5 unique flavors: Almond, Cinnamon, Espresso Coffee, Original, and Vanilla

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A dark chocolate and cinnamon fall wedding cake with Mexican artisanal chocolate? Yes, please!

It’s fun to try out internationally-made chocolates, like organic Mexican chocolate discs with cacao beans and raw sugar.

Mexican chocolate works beautifully to enhance a traditional American buttercream icing recipe, and when your cake includes Cassia cinnamon and ginger-infused simple syrup, you just know your wedding cake will be spectacular.

Count On Dark Caramel in a Delicious Fall Wedding Cake

Dark Rum Caramel Sauce

Our Dark Rum Caramel Sauce is magic and, boozy.

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On its own, caramel is a creamy and decadent flavor. Add dark rum and Saigon cinnamon (a variety of Cassia cinnamon), and you get a grown-up sweet treat to top either a dense raisin-rum cake or an angel food cake with coconut… or maybe a dessert table with both types of wedding cake?

A Boxed Set for the Baking Bride

A Boxed Set for the Baking Bride

This box contains six basic spices for everyday baking. Allspice, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger and Nutmeg.

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Is a family member making your fall wedding cake? Maybe you’re keen on experimenting with baking in the hopes of making your cake yourself.

We love this classic boxed set of six great spices you’ll use in everyday cooking and baking for special events!

The spices include cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg, all popular spices used in fall wedding cakes, but did you know that nutmeg makes any spaghetti sauce taste richer and more flavorful?

Hazelnut Extract Is a Go-to Fall Wedding Cake Ingredient

Hazelnut Extract

Our hazelnut extract is 100% natural, sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and kosher.

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Natural organic hazelnuts and vodka give this handmade extract an unmistakable flavor to make your wedding cake extra-special.

We can already imagine the delicious taste of chocolate cake, hazelnut ganache, and buttercream icing with Swiss meringue and vanilla!

The Best French Wedding Cake Flavor with Fall Apples

Original French salted Caramel Sauce

These caramel sauces are made with the traditional french recipe.

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What’s one of the best fall wedding cake flavors? Baked apples, of course!

Use Granny Smith apples cooked into fluffy cake mix to make a version of French apple cake, a timeless recipe with many variations.

It’s easy to bake and decorate with drizzles of salted caramel sauce for a wedding-worthy dessert!

Say I Do to Drizzled Apple Fritter Donuts

Premium Apple Fritter Mix

This mix comes packaged with an all-powder blend of the batter, with the glaze packet included.

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Have you seen another hot new trend in wedding desserts: the donut stand?

There are many great recipes online for drizzled apple fritters, and we found a natural apple fritter mix in powder form here.

If you’re planning a pre-wedding get-together with your bridal party, it could be a fun activity to fry up some fritters for your wedding reception.

Bet you can’t eat just one!

Make Some Room for Maple Fall Wedding Cake Flavors

Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup Gallon

100% Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup Grade B Best for Cooking and Baking!

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Maple syrup is harvested in early spring when the snow begins to melt, and its sweet gooey goodness is a must for many fall wedding cakes!

This Wisconsin maple syrup comes straight from the trees with zero additives or preservatives, and two colors are available: Dark Robust and Medium Amber.

Consider a three-tiered cake baked on top of fresh apples with real maple syrup buttercream in each layer!

Mix Cheese with Wine for Fall Wedding Cake Flavors

Maple Merlot Wine Jelly

This merlot wine is bursting with big, bold flavors of black cherry, raspberry and plum and a hint of cedar.

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We always tell our brides to “go for it!” when it comes to creating decorations and desserts for their wedding receptions, but let’s face it, it can be nerve-wracking.

We’re delighted (and inspired!) by one of the hottest “new” trends in wedding cakes… the no-bake cheesecake.

You can easily decorate a cheesecake tier with autumnal wedding decorations. As far as flavors go, a natural go-to is drizzling your cheesecakes with this delicious-sounding maple merlot wine jelly!

The Buttercream Cake for a Fall Boho Bride

American Buttercream Recipe

I am finally sharing my American buttercream recipe! It's super easy, so yummy and extremely smooth.

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Buttercream icing will probably sound familiar to you because it’s the most common topping in celebratory cake recipes, especially wedding cakes.

16 Delicious Fall Wedding Cake Flavors That You’ll Love (14)

It’s not hard to learn to make buttercream icing once you have the right recipe and take some “you-time” to practice (it’s fun and stress-free).

You can decorate light-textured cake tiers with your buttercream icing and dried autumnal flowers for a professional look and a boho feel.

Sprinkles of Golden Fire on Your Fall Wedding Carrot Cake

Edible Gold Flakes for Garnish and Food Decoration

Real edible gold flakes for dessert, pastry, cake, cupcake, and food garnish.

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We’re a bit obsessed with a good carrot cake recipe because, in our experience, preparing carrot cake the right way turns carrot cake non-believers into diehard enthusiasts (join us, there’s room for everyone!)

Cinnamon roasted cashews

The medium sized bag which weighs just under a half pound will be shipped in a airtight resealable display pouch to lock in freshness with instructions on how to warm them up and get that right out of the oven taste.

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Making a carrot cake shouldn’t be difficult or demanding, and if you remember to do the little stuff like shredding your carrots, they’ll bake into the cake more quickly for a super-moist creation to delight everyone on your wedding day.

More fun tips to try: crush cinnamon-roasted cashews on the top of your cake for a “nut drizzle” effect, and step it up a notch with edible gold flakes carefully placed on the icing to turn your wedding cake into a real celebration!

Serve Champagne as a Wedding Cake Flavor

Bubbly Champagne Vine Gelee Great gift for foodies

Champagne gelee'; delightfully light, drizzle over soft cheese and serve with baguette.

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This bubbly champagne vine gelee makes a delicious glaze for any type and texture of wedding cake.

Ordering a little jar like this makes a perfect taster for a cheese tray and baguettes, so you can enjoy it while dreaming about the possibilities of using it in your fall wedding cake!

Gorgeous Geode Fall Wedding Cake Flavor

Enjoy this Geode Cake Kit by baking your very own 6" cake and decorating it yourself.

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Undoubtedly, a geode cake is probably the hippest trend in wedding cake designs.

These extra-special cakes are professionally designed to look like naturally crystallized sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

A geode cake with black licorice icing is a favorite of many gothic brides at October weddings, but any bridal couple can hop on the geode wedding cake train and incorporate fall flavors.

A geode cake can be hard to make look realistic, so it’s best left to wedding cake pros to get the job done for you. But we do have a fun alternative, particularly if you’re going for a quirky vibe at your wedding reception! This small geode cake decorating kit has written directions and an online video, disposable cake pans, icing, rock candies, piping gel, gold dust, and a paintbrush!

16 Delicious Fall Wedding Cake Flavors That You’ll Love (2024)


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