36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (2024)

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (1)

Choosing your wedding cake is actually quite complex. You have to decide on a number of things, including its flavor, size, and design. Luckily, dreaming of the sweet end result makes the process a little bit easier (or, at the very least, more exciting). Plus, most of the decisions are fun to make—who doesn't enjoy sampling dessert? Snacking aside, one of our favorite parts of dessert planning is selecting your wedding cake's topper. While the detail is by no means required, many couples like the idea of crowning their confections with one. That's because doing so can really set your cake apart. If you're in search of the perfect finishing touch, stick around for some great ideas. We've put together a list of amazing wedding cake toppers to inspire you.

Traditional cake toppers most often involve figurines of the bride and groom, but your options don't end there. You can either modify the classic version—perhaps by adding a figurine of your pet—or do something different altogether. Laser-cut words and phrases are especially popular lately and can be used to display a quote, your names, or just your initials. Alternatively, you can work with wire letters, as shown on this adorable Nothing Bundt Cakes dessert. Other décor possibilities include flowers, banners, or even fruit. But really, you can work with whatever motif you like—the more meaningful and personalized to your relationship, the better.

Top an amazing night off with an amazing wedding cake topper to match. It'll be just one more element of your reception that guests won't soon forget.

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Copper Exclamation

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (2)

This Cake Concept dessert's copper "yay!" topper "absolutely described the emotions that day," this bride shared.

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Geode Topper

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (3)

Wow Factor Cakes & Desserts lived up to its name with this dazzling geode decoration.

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Banner Birds

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (4)

The bird toppers on this The Flour Garden dessert were designed to look like they were holding a banner displaying the couple's wedding date.

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Greenery Heart

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (5)

Greenery was festooned into a romantic shape for this Goldmine Cupcakes dessert.

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Talking Toppers

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (6)

Why stop at one great topper, when you can have three? This couple served three separate M Cakes Sweets cakes: a large one displaying their newly-shared last name, and two small ones that said "I do" and "me too."

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Meaningful Statement

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (7)

These brides chose to make a statement with their "love is love" Ngo Creations topper, plus the rainbow floral accents on their cake by Ashley Welch.

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Dinosaur Couple

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (8)

The bride and groom dinos were a fun addition to this Sablée wedding cake.

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Fairytale Figurines

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (9)

The bride borrowed these Prince Charming and Cinderella toppers from her parents, who used them at their wedding decades ago. Instead of putting them on top of her crepe The Sugar'd Gnome cake, she placed them beside it for the brunch reception.

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Candle Trio

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (10)

This one-tiered The Dessert Stand cake gained some height from tall candle toppers.

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Tinsel Banner

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (11)

What's more celebratory than metallic tinsel? It was strung on a string and held up with sticks for a festive topper to this The Cake & The Giraffe confection.

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Storybook Saying

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (12)

After tying the knot, these two were intent on living happily ever after. In turn, they crowned their Sweet Layers Cakes & Pastries confection with a Black Label Décor topper displaying the cute phrase.

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Tropical Topper

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (13)

Rosewood Mayakoba made this tropical dessert, which boasted a fanning plant topper.

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Groom's Trophy

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (14)

This groom honored his motocross accomplishments by crowning his Cakes by Maggie confection with an old trophy.

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Phonetic Topper

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (15)

The punctuation in this Summit Cakery cake's "for.ev.er." topper helped guests read it aloud just so.

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Initial Topper

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (16)

Leave your mark on your reception dessert with an elegant letter topper, like the one on this Robert's Catering cake.

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Wooden Cutout

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (17)

This couple had a woodland-inspired affair, complete with a Front Range Catering Co. cake with a wooden mountain topper that read "our greatest adventure begins."

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Sparkly Saying

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (18)

This metallic Jenn and Jules Designs topper displayed the bride and groom's name surrounded by sparkle symbols, which also appeared on the Peridot Sweets cake.

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Thematic Word

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (19)

Present the theme of the day on your dessert, like this couple did with their Over the Rainbow Cupcakes & Desserts cake. Their Neighbor topper read "love," with the "o" replaced by a heart.

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Sentimental Symbols

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (20)

The Herend peaco*ck on this couple's Earth & Sugar wedding cake was meant to represent the groom's mother's hometown of Kingsville, Texas.

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Lovestruck Letters

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (21)

Make it clear that cupid struck with an arrow-themed topper like the one on this Sweet Treets Bakery dessert.

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Monogram Topper

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (22)

This sleek monogram decoration looked just right on this modern MacKenzies' Bakery cake.

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Tennis Racquets

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (23)

These racquets may not have served tennis balls, but they helped this couple serve the ultimate tennis-themed Bobbette & Belle cake.

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Name Banner

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (24)

A banner displayed this couple's names on their funfetti wedding cake.

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Pineapple Topper

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (25)

Pineapples mean "welcome," which is never a bad message at a wedding reception! Flowergirls Floral Design put one on this adorable Cakeworks Bakery cake.

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Unique Figurines

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (26)

If you like the look of a traditional topper, but don't want something so basic, try finding one where the figurines are doing something other than standing. On this Kiss the Cook wedding cake, the groom dipped the bride.

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Family Portrait

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (27)

Why not include your best friend in your topper? The couple and their dog were spotlighted on this Cake Studio Bávaro confection.

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Skate Topper

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (28)

This couple's hobby, rollerblading, was displayed with a custom Sweet + Saucy cake.

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Cheesy Quote

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (29)

This The Flour Factory cheese cake had the cutest thematic topper, reading, "you are the cheese to my crackers."

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Vintage Topper

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (30)

This bride's mother gave a 1950s cake topper to the couple and each bridesmaid.

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Sparkler Toppers

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (31)

These two stunned guests during their dessert course with a mini fireworks show. They topped their The Sugar Box cake with sparklers from Fortnum & Mason, which "got everyone's attention," the bride recalled fondly.

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Rustic Love Birds

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (32)

This couple's confection was crowned with a rustic bird cake topper.

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Mini Gamers

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (33)

This Momof*cku Milk Bar dessert was finished with a custom topper by Paul Pape Designs based on the couple's avatars on Nintendo Wii.

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Family Heirloom

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (34)

One of the many confections this wedding boasted an antique topper first used at the bride's great-grandmother's wedding in 1915. It was covered with a cloche.

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DIY Wedding Bells

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (35)

This cake topper derived its charm from two wedding bells made with quilling paper, which were framed by vintage millinery lily-of-the-valley buds and a vintage linen ribbon, tied into a bow.

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Floral Hoop

36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (36)

Ana's Custom Cakes topped this dessert with a miniature sugar sculpture of lilies of the valley woven together in a horseshoe-shaped arrangement.

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36 of the Best Wedding Cake Toppers (2024)


Do people still use wedding cake toppers? ›

And while a cake topper seems minuscule in the grand scheme of wedding planning, it is still a classic element of wedding culture.

What should a wedding cake topper say? ›

Top 10 Wedding Cake Topper Ideas with Quotes
  • “Grow old with me; the best is yet to be.” — Robert Browning.
  • “To the moon and back.” — Inspired by Sam McBratney's book.
  • “You are my today and all of my tomorrows.” — Leo Christopher.
  • “I have found the one whom my soul loves.” — Song of Solomon 3:4.
Apr 11, 2024

How big should a cake topper be for wedding cake? ›

5” to 1.5” (1.27cm-4cm) or smaller than the diameter of your cake. However, if you want your topper to stand out, then pick a topper that is the same width as your cake or just slightly smaller. We recommend not to go bigger than your cake, regardless of the cake's design.

What is an 80 portion wedding cake? ›

A 3 tier cake serves about 80 portions comfortably, and is usually the perfect size for a wedding of 80-100 guests if you're serving cake in the evening.

Why do people save their wedding cake topper? ›

The Significance of Saving the Top Layer of a Wedding Cake

Like many wedding traditions, the symbolism behind the saving of the cake is to show the couple's commitment to each other and their hopes for a long and happy marriage. The cake is tucked away and served to celebrate the couple's first anniversary.

What is the average size of a wedding cake topper? ›

What Size Should Cake Toppers Be?
Top Tier WidthCake Topper Width
Jun 29, 2021

What is the tradition of the wedding topper? ›

This particular tradition dates back to the 19th century when married couples would eat the top layer of their cake on the day of their first child's christening day. That tradition has since evolved to eating the wedding cake top, on the couple's first anniversary instead.

How do I choose a cake topper? ›

Key factors in picking the type of cake topper will depend on; how much time you have, party theme, personal style and if you are coordinating with a baker. Key Message. A simple 'Happy Birthday' cake topper can be quickly purchased online, from a party shop or even a baker themselves.

What is the tradition of the cake topper? ›

One legend states that a baker created the cake topper tradition over 100 years ago. The baker's daughter was getting married, and she wanted something on the cake to symbolize the love between her and her spouse.

What is the best material for a cake topper? ›

So, what makes cardstock a good choice for cake toppers? Here are just a few reasons to choose cardstock over other options on the market: Malleability – Though thicker cardstock is generally recommended for cake toppers, you can choose the cardstock thickness that best fits your needs.

What is the best material for cake toppers? ›

The best material for cake toppers is cardstock, which is nothing but thick and sturdy paper! I'm using plain, foil, and glitter cardstock for the best effect. Poster board would also work. If you want to get fancy you can add a shaker with acetate and confetti.

What size cake topper for Costco cake? ›

The standard size for a Costco cake edible topper is 34 cm x 24 cm (13.39" x 9.45").

What does a wedding cake for 100 people look like? ›

for 100 guests, we advise a wedding cake size with 4 tiers (12″, 8″, 6″ and 4″).

What size 3 tier wedding cake for 100 guests? ›

Ready to slice your decision? If you're after those delicate bites, a three-tier cake with 12-inch, 10-inch, and 8-inch layers will serve all 100 guests with the standard portion size. Feeling generous? Opt for a four-tier cake with slightly smaller layers (10″, 8″, 6″, and 4″) to offer those bigger slices.

What do you do with your wedding cake topper? ›

What To Do With The Cake Topper After The Wedding
  1. Monogram Madness. If you chose a monogrammed cake topper, you can display it in your home in a number of creative ways. ...
  2. Create wall art. ...
  3. Make it an heirloom. ...
  4. Plant it! ...
  5. Reuse It.

Are wedding cakes still a thing? ›

"The wedding cake industry has exploded in recent years and for many bakers and designers, that means giving clients the opportunity to create custom flavors," says Gray.

Do people still do wedding cakes? ›

But these days, many couples are rethinking that tradition, swapping the traditional cake for desserts that feel more meaningful and tell the story of their relationship — one sweet bite at a time.

Are grooms cakes still a thing? ›

In today's modern era, the groom's cake can range from a chocolate replica of a sports arena to an edible homage to Star Wars. "I often tease that it's the one thing the groom gets to have at the wedding since his bride typically makes most, if not all, of the decisions.


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