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Before playing this patch, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE NOTICE BELOW so you don’t lose your saves! It’s also reprinted at the bottom of this post, to double the chances of you reading it!!

That said, the game’s next explorable region, the Windy Peaks, is now accessible — and with it comes a slice of new encounters and characters. There’s a couple more vulperine NPCs coming pretty shortly, and one or two more encounters that’ll find their way onto the peaks in the future!

0.6.27 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new explorable area, the Windy Peaks! It can be accessed via the Steps of Sorra (the same place you meet Calise for her 2nd quest) in Undermountain. The mountaintop is a harsh, windswept mistress, but she’s home to a tribe of furry foxfolk and a tribe of harpies, and perhaps a few other denizens yet to be met!
  • New Enemy Encounter: Vulperine Hunters. Take on a pack of furry foxes… in a fight, right? (By Tobs)
  • New Enemy Encounter: Manticore Trio. A manticore matriarch and her heirs are searching the mountainside for easy prey! (By Skow)
  • Tweaked Enemy Encounter: The Demon Cultists. If they’ve been shooed off from the Glacial Rift (by completing Gweyr’s questline), the demon cultists will make their return on the peaks! (By Tobs)
  • There’s a small village of Vulperine folk you can vibe in, similar to Vari’s little village. Its denizens will be expanded on shortly, but for now you can just talk to one of the village’s leaders, resupply, and take some much-needed rest there.
  • New exploration events. Not EVERYTHING on the mountain is going to try and hurt you, unlike down below!
  • New Bust: Manticore Girls (by Moira)

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Now, for the inconvenient news:

The Steam version ofCorruption of Champions II has been broken for some users, and we’ve finally found a fix! This patch contains an update to Electron (the program that lets Steam and Desktop Download users run the game) that will resolve the issue.

The bad news is that with THIS patch the codebase update is likely going to cause ALL DOWNLOADED DESKTOP VERSIONS of Corruption of Champions II(NOT tit*) to lose their LOCAL save files (ie., those not saved to a .coc2 file). Saved-to-file saves will be unaffected!

STEAM users will lose their AUTOSAVES, but normal saves should be unaffected in the cloud.

BEFORE YOU OPEN THIS CoC2 PATCH, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND loading the previous version of the game and using the Save-to-File feature for any playthroughs you want to keep.

Browser and Mobile versions SHOULD be entirely unaffected, as they don’t use Electron. I’d still recommend a quick Save-to-File though. You never know!

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Keep your Champions safe and save-to-file!

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Cassia pregnancy is here! You can finally make the moo-mom a mother twice (and more) over. She has multiple events throughout the 9-month repeatable pregnancy culminating in birth, and her scenes are adapted for being pregnant. Some of her conversations change (this is also the case for the later-coming marriage), and she has a new talk option. (By Wsan)
  • Rina can now get pregnant! She has several events leading up to the birth that you get by interacting with her while she’s pregnant, and the expected adjustments to all her existing scenes.
  • Arona (must be Dom, Lover, and Milky) has a new scene in her rotation where you get your hands and mouth all over her tit* and co*ck.
  • Livrea’s got a new branching scene for using a strapon on you! (Written by Magenta!)
  • Vitra has a new oily footjob scene for bedicked PCs.
  • Updated Rindo’s Nakano/Hitoshi talks if she’s married them. (By Tobs)
  • There’s a new CG for a lil’ bovine poofball saying hello, accessed by visiting Cassia a few times after she’s given birth.
  • There’s a new option to restore the Wayfort’s original lupine statue, rather than replacing it. (by Zavos)
  • Vitra offers a bunch of new Storage slots (for free!) once you get to Khor’minos.
  • Desktop download versions of the game are now running on a much, much newer version of Electron. Steam versions are also running on a newer version of the Steam SDK. This should mean better performance and stability, and should fix issues with loading from file.
  • A whole crapload of fixes, courtesy of Zag and Spotty.

CoC2] The Windy Peaks – Fenoxo's Blog (2024)


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