Giants GM: No pressure to draft QB in 1st round (2024)

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants have done extensive work on quarterbacks leading into to the 2024 NFL draft. It doesn't mean they feel the need to draft one regardless of who is there for their first pick.

The Giants select sixth overall in the first round of next week's draft. They currently have Daniel Jones as their starting quarterback and free agent signing Drew Lock and Tommy DeVito in their quarterback room.

General manager Joe Schoen doesn't feel pressured to address the position at all costs.

"I don't think so," Schoen said Thursday when asked if he needed to add a quarterback. "With Drew's experience, he's started games and played, and Daniel's experience and what Tommy did last year and another year in the system, Tommy has come a long way. I think we can go into the season with the three that we have and I'd comfortable with that."

Schoen reiterated that the Giants are "still confident" in Jones, noting how the young quarterback played during the 2022 season, when they won a playoff game. The Giants signed him to a four-year, $160 million deal after the season, but they can reasonably get out of the contract after this season.

A lot has happened since, including a miserable season for Jones that included another neck injury and a torn ACL in his right knee. Schoen still rejected the premise presented by NFL Network analyst Rich Eisen that the team had "buyer's remorse" for that lucrative deal.

"That is not true," Schoen said.

It doesn't necessarily mean the Giants will enter the season with just those three quarterbacks on their roster. Schoen and coach Brian Daboll spent a lot of time and resources on evaluating quarterbacks during the pre-draft process.

The Giants had Michigan's J.J. McCarthy, North Carolina's Drake Maye and LSU's Jayden Daniels, among others, in for visits, according to sources.

There are internal concerns about building around Jones, given his injury history. After having already received the go-ahead from ownership to take a quarterback if they so desire, the Giants have kept their options open should the right opportunity present itself -- whether it be at No. 6, higher or lower.

"It's a good quarterback class. I think it's deep. You look at some of the guys and the amount of games some of these guys have started and played, it's impressive," Schoen said. "Really haven't seen a class like that with the number of quarterbacks that have started and played so many games at a high level.

"It's been really fun to know these guys. Again, it's a unique position. There are only so many people walking planet Earth that can play that position at a high level."

The problem for the Giants is the belief around the league is that quarterbacks will be taken with the first four picks. They could have to trade with the New England Patriots or the Arizona Cardinals at picks Nos. 3 and 4, respectively, in order to get their desired quarterback. That would take additional capital and resources.

The Giants seem to have at least inquired.

"I don't think anyone is ready to move right now," Schoen said. "I know people are listening. We'll all do that, from teams behind us or moving up. Those exploratory talks and conversations will happen here shortly. ... Those conversations will happen, over the next 42 or 78 hours those will start happening. You'll get a feel for who is open to moving and who is not."

Really, anything seems to be an option at this point, especially if the right quarterback is not realistically attainable for the Giants. Among those options is trading down.

Schoen has been surprised about the amount of interest and calls he has received on the sixth overall pick from teams behind the Giants.

"Surprisingly at 6, we've gotten a lot of calls from people behind us," he said. "I didn't think I would have as much as activity from 6 from people behind me as we've gotten. So those are options too as we look at: If we go back, how far back do we want to go?"

As Schoen noted, this draft is deep at both quarterback and wide receiver. Those could still be options if they move back.

Giants GM: No pressure to draft QB in 1st round (2024)


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