Great Clips Online Check In – How to Do it? (2024)

Do you get tired of waiting in line at the hair salon? Don’t you hate it that you have to spend your time running through the catalogs when you can do something better? Plus, when the time finally comes for your hair appointment, you are either tired or just want to get it done, and then you regret your haircut.

But this does not have to happen anymore, especially when the great clips online check-in is here to help you make early appointments. How to do it? Keep reading and you will get your answer right away!

How to Get the Great Clips Online Check in?

The online check in is a great way to save time and effort. You can simply book your slot ahead of time, drive to the salon, and immediately get your hair appointment ready for the day! It is an effective tool if you are looking to save time and the process is simple too. Here is what you need to do;

  1. Go to the official website of the brand.You can also download the great clips app and try booking your slot from the app. It is available on both Android and Apple devices.
  2. Get registered by creating an account on the website or the application using your personal details.
  3. Turn the location on your phone so that the app can detect the nearest salon to your location. It may also display a list of all the salons that are near you so you can decide according to your ease.
  4. The app allows you to pick a stylist too but that is optional. If you are a first-timer, you can read online reviews and find your compatible stylist otherwise your choice might be clear based on your previous experiences.
  5. Now, you will be headed to the part where you can book your desired time slot. The app or the website shows you different slots with different waiting times. You can select as per your needs.
  6. Confirm the check in process. You will receive a confirmation message from the brand too along with the necessary details of your booking.

Tips for Great Clips Online Check in!

If you are looking for an effective booking, there are a few tips that you can try so that your process to book is smooth. Here are those tips;

  • If you do not have a special preference for a stylist, try to avoid it. If you are open to any stylist, your waiting time might not be that long.
  • Try booking for slots that are not on busy weekends or rush hours. The salon would already be catering to a large number of people and your waiting time may not be reduced by a large margin.

Why Should You Get the Great Clips Online Check In?

It is an effective way to save hours from your day and get you a quick appointment. It may not always get you into the appointment as soon as you walk through those doors. But you can count on this check in to lower your waiting time by a considerable margin. Plus, it is very easy to book which makes it easier for customers to book ahead of time.

You can also pick your desired stylist. The waiting times are also clear so you can get an idea about how long you will have to wait before your turn comes. Knowing exactly when you will get your hair appointment reduces the impatience level too.

How Much Does the Great Clips Online Check In Cost?

But is the check in free? Yes, you can book your appointment without any charge but you will have to pay for the haircuts or the other services you book from the salon. The great clips pricing varies from location to location. However, on average, the pricing may go anywhere from $12 to $20. Other services may have a different cost too. It is better that you call ahead to confirm the prices so the booking and the services at the salon go smoothly for both parties.

If you think that the prices are too high for your budget, then the great clips $5 off coupon can help you score a discount on your booking. There are many deals and promos available that you can compare to get the best deal. Plus, it is free of charge and any hassle so it is worth a try! You might even get a hold of the great clips senior discount if you are lucky. So, do remember to skim through the coupons once before you book, for the sake of your savings!

Wrapping Up

Is great clips good? The online check in feature of great clips is a great initiative and puts the brand on the list of favorites for many people. It saves time and books an early appointment through a few simple steps. If you are looking to reduce your waiting time, you should try this incredible feature for your next haircut!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Online Check in Unavailable at Great Clips?

If you book near the closing time, you might find the online check-in service to be unavailable. Sometimes, the check ins close 30 minutes before the closing time of the salon or when the waiting time gets too long.

How Do I Cancel My Great Clips Online Check In?

Once you book your appointment on the website, the map turns green as a sign of confirmation. If you tap on the green icon, it will give you the option to cancel the online check in. If you book from the app, the home screen will have a clear Cancel Check In option.

How Does the Great Clips App Work?

It helps you in booking appointments ahead of time, cancel bookings, and keep track of your appointments. You can manage it all from your phone. The application is available for free to download, both on Android and Apple.

Great Clips Online Check In – How to Do it? (2024)


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