Lycoming County Docket Sheets (2024)

1. Lycoming County > Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts

  • The Public Web Docket Sheets option provides access to search, view, and print the docket sheets for Pennsyvlania's Criminal Courts of Common Pleas. Staff ...

  • Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts

2. Legal Resources - Lycoming Law Association

  • Lycoming County - The home page of the County of Lycoming. ... Statewide Docket Sheets - Search for County Criminal, Appellate or Magistrate Judge cases ...

  • View the resources provided by the Lycoming Law Association.

3. CountySuite Courts

  • Lycoming County Prothonotary Office. Search for a Case Hide Advanced Options. Search by Name or Case Number, Search by Case Number, Search by Participant Name ...

  • Advanced Filtering Options Reset

4. Court of Common Pleas | Luzerne County, PA

5. OOR Decisions (Docket Search) - PA Office of Open Records

  • Use this search tool to locate a Docket and OOR documents related to that Docket. If a Final Determination issued by the OOR has been appealed to the courts ...

  • Docket #:

6. OOR - Docket Search Results - PA Office of Open Records

  • 12/30/2021, John Litwak v. Shenandoah Borough, Request sought records related to building code violations and citations issued within the Borough.

  • 12/30/2021

7. Docket Searches | Montgomery County, PA - Official Website

  • County Courts · Court Administration; Docket Searches. Docket Searches. Criminal Cases. Criminal Bench Warrant (currently unavailable); Domestic Relations Bench ...

  • P.O. Box 311

8. Lycoming County Court Dockets

9. Allegheny County, PA Court Records Search –

  • The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania provides an online docket sheet search, which allows users to search for court records by case number, party name, ...

  • Lookup Allegheny, County PA Court Records for free through official agencies. Unlock access to Allegheny County PA Court Records with

10. Montour County Court of Common Pleas

  • Search Court of Common Pleas civil and criminal case records online. Search results include basic case information with links to docket sheets and court ...

  • Montour County Court of Common Pleas in Montour County, Pennsylvania Court Online Resources. Directory of online resources applicable to the Montour County Court of Common Pleas in Montour County, Pennsylvania

11. Court Dockets | Chester County, PA - Official Website

  • Court Dockets. Court Dockets · District Courts vs. Court of Common Pleas · Court ... County of Chester 313 West Market Street West Chester, PA 19380. Phone ...

  • Contact Us

12. the courts - Pennsylvania Bulletin


  • Amendments to Rules of Procedure; Doc. No. 05-00136

13. Man who trafficked kids for drugs sentenced Tuesday | News

  • 7 mei 2024 · Williamsport, Pa. — A man who attempted to traffic his child and her friend for drugs was sentenced Tuesday at the Lycoming County ...

  • Williamsport, Pa. — A man who attempted to traffic his child and her friend for drugs was sentenced Tuesday at the Lycoming County Courthouse.

14. TH Ungard, Jr. v. Williamsport Bureau of Police Pension Board (majority)

  • 30 mei 2019 · ... Lycoming County (trial court) that reversed the Board's decision ... docket sheet. Ungard's testimony established that there were two ...

  • T.H. Ungard, Jr. v. Williamsport Bureau of Police Pension Board

15. Emotions high as prosecution lays out case against suspect in double ...

  • 22 mrt 2024 · ... Lycoming County Landfill, the murder weapon has yet to be recovered. ... Muhammad Davis docket sheet · Sandy Camille Perez docket sheet · Read ...

  • Williamsport, Pa. — A woman stood up and shouted, “I hate you!” before walking out of a courtroom during the preliminary hearing for accused murderer Troy Bennett Bailey on Wednesday. The words may never match the grief created by a senseless murder of two people in Williamsport. Bailey, accused of shooting Alicha Seese, 37, and Ronald Dailey, 37, faced family members of the two victims for the first time Wednesday afternoon when he was brought into the courtroom. ...

Lycoming County Docket Sheets (2024)


How do I find someone on the PA docket? ›

Finding PA Dockets for Free Online

For Appellate Court dockets, select either "Appellate" or "Docket Number" in the drop-down search options. With the "Appellate" search, checking the "Advanced Search" box offers additional search options, including docket type, participant name, and trial court county.

What is docket filling? ›

About Court Dockets and Records

A docket is a "formal record in which a judge or court clerk briefly notes all the proceedings and filings in a court case." (From Black's Law Dictionary, 11th ed. 2019.) After a case is filed, the court assigns it a docket number, which is the court's case number or tracking number.

Can you look up court cases in Pennsylvania? ›

Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System provides comprehensive public access to court records online and upon request.

How to read dockets? ›

A docket usually has four main sections: the caption, general case information, party information, and a list of docket entries. At the top of a docket sheet you'll find the caption: the name of the court, the official title of the case, and the case number.

What is the PA docket app? ›

Finding public court information is easier than ever with the launch of PAeDocket - a free app that provides a quick and simple search of court cases or dockets. Users can search by case number, participant name, organization name, offense tracking number, police incident or complaint number or state ID number.

How do I find someone's charges in Pennsylvania? ›

Generally, interested members of the public may view and/or obtain copies of criminal court records by:
  1. Using the states online resources such as the UJS web portal.
  2. Making in-person requests (recommended for magisterial district courts)
  3. Sending requests via mail to the concerned custodian.

Does PA docket show warrants? ›

Yes, warrants are public records by default under Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law unless explicitly restricted by law, court rule, or court order.

Are police reports public record in Pennsylvania? ›

Records that are not available to the general public: These records are exempt from disclosure under the Right-to-Know Law. These records include police reports and certain types of government financial information.

What does the D mean in a court case? ›

Defendant. An individual (or business) against whom a lawsuit is filed. Defendant. In a civil case, the person or organization against whom the plaintiff brings suit; in a criminal case, the person accused of the crime.

What is an example of a docket number in PA? ›

This will help you find out whether the court's dockets are online and, if they are, provide a link to them. Courts assign each case a unique docket number (for example, CP-25-CR-1234567-2020). The format varies by court. This may be the name of an organization or an individual.

How to get docket number? ›

The docket number will usually be in one of the upper corners of the first page. Double-check the names to be sure you have the right docket number. A person may be involved in many cases, each with its own case number. Find the docket number by contacting the court clerk where the case is being heard.

How do I find my PA dockets? ›

Dockets for Pennsylvania's appellate courts (Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Superior Court, and Commonwealth Court) all are located on the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania web portal. Appellate court dockets also are available via the PAeDocket app on Google Play or Apple's App Store.

What does "inactive" mean on a PA docket sheet? ›

Inactive - A disposition category for cases in which the defendant is not available for processing, including defendants declared fugitive, those with a pre-adjudicatory warrant, and those in the custody of another jurisdiction.

How do I find recent arrests in PA? ›

Searching arrest details on county web portals or the Pennsylvania judiciary's case search database is free. However, obtaining copies of arrest records will attract a fee. Individuals who engage third-party vendors will also pay the applicable fee to obtain arrest records.

How do you read a court case name? ›

How to look up a case with a citation. In the trial court, the first name listed is the plaintiff, the party bringing the suit. The name following the "v" is the defendant. If the case is appealed, the name of the petitioner (appellant) is usually listed first, and the name of the respondent (appellee) is listed second ...

What is the meaning of docket number? ›

The docket number is the court's case number or tracking number. Once a docket number is assigned to a case, it must appear on all papers submitted to the Court. Typically, a docket number is made up of a two-digit number (to signify the year), followed by the case type (either Civ.

What is a PA docketing statement? ›

A docketing statement PA is a supplemental form that is used to create a new business entity in the state of Pennsylvania. The docketing statement will be included with the submission for your new business and certificate of organization when you file it with the Pennsylvania Department of State.


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