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Blonde hair, blue eyes, approx. 5'9", stalky build.
White, rusted, beat up van; Chevy I believe.

If you have any idea where this guy is, please share this information with me. I want to call him to task and recoup some of my hard-earned money from this jerk.

Mr. Catalino has done several jobs around my home and although most needed and still need things corrected, the floor was the last straw for me. I tried on several occasions to encourage him to pay more attention to the detail of his work, once I realized there was always a ‘fix’ needed. I stated that he should arrive earlier so I would not be held up into the evenings. He would say, “I don’t know why I can’t get up early”. I would spend much of the time cleaning up after him, because he didn’t even have a broom and dust pan, which I eventually gave him a new set. I have offered him a meal and bottled water many times and really tried to be accommodating.

On Saturday, October 15, 2022 Mr. Catalino arrived to install a new kitchen floor with sheet vinyl. I purchased everything he needed and he was to be paid for his labor.

He didn’t show until approx. 11:00-11:30 am (this was normal and would stay until nearly dark most days). He brought 2 other people with him. A little history.

The younger fellow had been to my home before. I presumed he ‘knew’ these people, however, I found out later on, that he didn’t even know this person’s real name (they call him Sway) and was introduced to him only 6 months prior. This person had been all through my home and the first time he brought him, an item came up missing (a roll of security camera wiring, approx. $35).

The older fellow, known as “Mike” was the person that was supposed to know what he’s doing and help Mr. Catalino. I have no history on him, but he was questionable at best and used the foulest language you could imagine. So, you come to a complete strangers house and talk like that? It really doesn’t matter how ‘cool’ you think I am, you do not speak like that while on the job.

I was more than happy to help Mr. Catalino, for 1. to save him money and 2. I could make sure it was done correctly. This was a VERY simple job. My kitchen only has 2 cutouts and they’re basic.

“Sway” was assigned to putting together a kitchen cabinet that was to be installed the same day. It was windy and he constructed it in the garage. This was the ONLY thing that turned out correctly, even though Mr. Catalino knocked a hole in the wall while installing it. (another thing that needs fixed)

Mr. Catalino and “Mike” pondered and pondered in the back regarding the ‘cutting’ of the vinyl until I went out and told them how to do it. After what seemed like hours, they cut it and brought it in. There was PLENTY left to trim it down. Yay!! They did it. I was soooo relieved because trimming it back was the easy part.

They glued and laid half of the floor and at approx. 3:30 they broke for lunch and I gave Mr. Catalino some of the money. They were gone well over an hour until I had to start texting him. Unfortunately, his phone was not working. His provider stopped service.

He finally arrived around 4pm? He was glassy eyed and acting a bit off. He brought back pizza and they ate. I guess the hour they were gone, they did something else? Mr. Catalino claimed Lil Caesars’s had to make the pizza. We all know that was not true. He came back with 2 basic pizzas that are ‘hot and ready’ all day long.

Now we have to wait for the second half of the floor to tack up. I had to bring up a fan from the basem*nt and blow the frigid air into my kitchen to assist. They were so anxious to get the job done, they pushed forward.

They laid the second half. “Mike” began trimming. I really didn’t think anyone with half a functioning brain could butcher this so badly, but he did.

It was at this time he realized he didn’t have the roller he claimed to own, with him. He had to ride to Lake City and he didn’t do that until the next day. First he said it was stolen, then he said sold. Now my floor has been laid well over a day. “Mike” thought wrapping a shirt around a push broom would flatten the floor. It did not.

The thresholds were even more of a fiasco. One, they ripped back up and Mr. Catalino tried to relay it and just beat it beyond use. They then realized they couldn’t close the back door and thought taking off the door guard would work. However, it was clear that it as flush with the door and it wouldn’t give them the clearance they needed. I noticed that one threshold isn’t even flush with the floor, it’s more like a small step.

Mr. Catalino started working on putting the cabinet up. Although this isn’t relevant, he brought in a measure tool which he apparently had to position across the room for placement of the cabinet. In doing so, he had the nerve to open my cabinet across the kitchen and started taking out my dishware with his filthy hands, without asking! He started drilling random holes in the wall, because he didn’t have a proper stud finder. I brought mine out which found one stud. Miraculously he got the cabinet up and, in doing so, knocked a hole in the wall. He either didn’t see it (no clue how you could miss it) or ignored it. I don’t even have that paint anymore, so now I’ll just repaint the kitchen.

At this point, it was actually getting dark. I would imagine around 8pm and no trim had been laid and my floor was all bubbled up.

Now, I have a floor, all bubbled up, so badly trimmed that 7/16 molding won’t cover some areas when I wanted to use 5/16, some areas never had molding and I don’t know what I am supposed to put there, the thresholds are all ruined and I’ve lost that money and time. You can’t ‘fix’ a floor that is all bubbled up. It’s only a matter of time until it tears.

I offered Mr. Catalino a settlement. Not only did he reject it, but he become a bully, calling me petty and stating my home was ‘hacked together’. My home is in its original condition. A great 2-1/2 brick home. Yes, it’s cosmetically challenged and that’s why I’m redecorating and doing some renovations. He basically told me, “I better be glad he was in a pinch”. He asked for money ahead of time at least 3X despite our agreement, as if I was his personal ATM.

I’ve always told Mr. Catalino, I don’t need fancy, I need functional and this isn’t functional. I don’t think he cared. He was so desperate for money all of the time.

Unfortunately, I was guilty of being stupid and not getting a driver’s license or address on him. I googled his name and found his wife (or ex wife now) and she provided me with this address and some more information that would explain a LOT of the behavior. I’m just glad I didn’t suffer more of a loss. I can fix most of the other things still pending but this floor is on him and his ridiculous professionalism.

He had done several other things around the house and I started closely inspecting. I don't think there is one thing he didn't screw up at some point.

I have all the emails and supporting pictures.

When I tried to take him to court (he stated in emails that 'I didn't have a leg to stand on') he hid like a yellow-bellied coward.

BEWARE, spring is coming and people will want work done. DO NOT RELY on this incompetent fool and his band of merry men.

Matthew Catalino - general for sale - by owner - craigslist (2024)


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