Skinflints Bay Ridge Brooklyn Menu (2024)

1. SKINFLINS MENU (Updated May 2024) - Skinflints

  • If you're in the mood for a taste of the sea, the seafood options will not disappoint. From buttery lobster rolls bursting with fresh lobster meat to crispy ...

  • The restaurant offers a wide variety of classic American dishes, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Skinflints Bay is also known for Skinflints Bay’s extensive wine list, which features wines from all over the world.

2. SKINFLINS: American Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

  • Menu · About Skinflints Bay · Contact · Photos

  • Experience casual elegance and affordable, hearty portions of American comfort food at Skinflints in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Join our loyal following for a memorable dining experience.

3. Skinflints - 7902 5th Ave, Brooklyn, New York - Yelp

  • SKINFLINTS, 7902 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, 327 ... Bay Ridge staple for good basic but delicious ... menu. More Info. Hours, Health Score. Known For. Yes.

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4. Skinflints American Restaurant Restaurant in Brooklyn / Menus ...

5. Skinflints Restaurant menu - Brooklyn NY 11209 - (718) 745-1116

  • Shrimp Florentine. Dipped in egg, lightly sauteed with spinach · Shrimp Scampi. Sauteed in butter & lemon with bread crumbs served over rice · Shrimp Francaise.

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6. Skinflints Delivery Menu - 7902 5th Ave Brooklyn - Grubhub

  • Whiz Wit Cheesesteaks. Hamburger. 20–35 min. $1.99 delivery. 13 ratings. Greenhouse Cafe Bay Ridge logo. Greenhouse Cafe Bay Ridge. Dinner. 15–25 min. $0 ...

  • Prepare your taste buds...

7. Skinflints - Brooklyn, NY Restaurant | Menu + Delivery - Seamless

8. Online Menu of Skinflints Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York, 11209 - Zmenu

  • Skinflints is a popular restaurant and bar located at 7902 5th Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11209. With its diverse menu of American eats, it caters to a wide range ...

  • View the online menu of Skinflints and other restaurants in Brooklyn, New York.

9. Skinflints Restaurant - Pub in Brooklyn - Foursquare

  • Skinflints Restaurant. Pub and Burger Joint · Bay Ridge. $$$$·Open until ...

  • Pub in Brooklyn, NY

10. Whose in the Pictures on the Back of Skinflints Brunch Menu?

  • 26 feb 2023 · Bay Ridge Sites; InstaBayRidge · Manga My Dudes · Positano · Baya Bar · Bay Ridge Rocks · Bay Ridge Events. Brooklyn Sites; Organic Italian. Bay ...

  • מידע כלליפרסוםעסקים כיצד פועל החיפוש

11. 'A little more Christmas': Halls of Bay Ridge restaurant Skinflints to be ...

  • 8 jan 2024 · Walking in a Winter Wonderland! Owners of Bay Ridge restaurant Skinflints have decided to leave up their now famed holiday decorations until ...

  • The holiday season 2023 might be a wrap, and while many businesses have taken down their Christmas decorations, it is still a winter wonderland at Skinflints

12. Brooklyn restaurant still celebrating Christmas - FOX 5 New York

  • Duur: 1:52Geplaatst: 12 jan 2024

  • If you're still experiencing Yuletide yearning in January, look no further than Skinflints restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where the most wonderful time of the year has yet to end.

Skinflints Bay Ridge Brooklyn Menu (2024)


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