The Artist's Guide to Reddit Communities - The Better Web Movement (2024)

There is something on reddit for every artist and this guide features the reddit communities that can help artists develop their craft and business. Plugging into these communities is a great way for artists to stay up-to-date on art-related news, interact with other artists, practice their craft, and find inspiration for a new project.

New to reddit?

If you are new to reddit, we strongly recommend you start with our Beginner’s Guide to reddit. The Beginner’s Guide will teach you the basics of reddit and get you up to speed.
Read the Beginner’s Guide to reddit (for Marketers)

Featured Communities

These communities showcase 3 different types of communities on reddit that are beneficial to artists. If you want the full list of artist communities on reddit, click here to scroll down.

1. MEDIUM-SPECIFIC: /r/Pottery
This community is obviously for potters, but it is a good example of a medium-specific community on reddit. On a daily basis, potters share their amazing creations and discuss issues they are having with the craft. We highly suggest you find the communities that are dedicated to the mediums you work in and subscribe to them. Click here to scroll to the list of medium-specific communities on reddit.


/r/ArtCrit is a community where redditors submit their original works and the community provides feedback. Feedback is extremely important, especially if you do not have fans that are looking at your work.

While most of reddit frowns upon self-promotion, this subreddit encourages users to submit their own work. Just be sure to link directly to an image and not a blog post or store page.

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/u/DemersalAmaranth shared this image in /r/ArtCrit and received constructive feedback from the community. Click the image to see the full post on reddit.

3. BUSINESS: /r/Etsy

If you are selling your art online, there is a good chance you have an Etsy storefront. If so, /r/Etsy is a great way to stay in touch with a community of Etsy users. The community is a mix of sellers and buyers and therefore provides insight about Etsy from both perspectives.

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An Etsy seller writes a post about their success on Etsy. Click the image to read the full post on reddit.

Our Complete List of Subreddits for Artists

The list below is our comprehensive list of art-related subreddits. There are other art-related subreddits on reddit, so feel free to search reddit if you are looking for a community that is not listed here.
As you go through this list, take your time and visit the communities that interest you. If you think the subreddit could be helpful to you in any way, subscribe to it. You can always unsubscribe from a subreddit later if it is not providing the type of content or community you are looking for.


  • /r/Artists – A great place to share content or start discussions that are relevant to all types of artists.
  • /r/LearnArt – A community of artists helping artists. You may learn something here or it could be an opportunity to help others.

Medium Specific

These subreddits are great for connecting with other artists that work in the same medium as you.

Drawing Activities
These subreddits provide endless drawing prompts in form of daily exercises and requests from reddit users.

These subreddits feature amazing works of art that might spark something inside of you.

Everyone can benefit from constructive criticism. Submit your art and receive feedback from these communities.

Seller Platforms
Do you have a store on a platform like Etsy? Join these communities to stay up-to-date on the platforms that are critical to your business. They also provide opportunities to share your store with the community.

Business Development and Marketing
If art is more than just a hobby for you, subscribe to these communities for content related to business development and marketing.

Get the most from each community

To get the most from any reddit community, you have to give. Spend time voting on new content, submitting quality content, starting discussions in the comments section of posts, helping others, and learning the rules. These actions will make each community a better place and will increase the value that you and others get from the community.

If you are new to reddit, start with our Beginner’s Guide to reddit. It is written from a marketing perspective and will help you become familiar with the reddit platform.

Read the Beginner’s Guide to reddit (for Marketers)

The Artist's Guide to Reddit Communities - The Better Web Movement (2024)


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