The Best Cake Recipes (2024)

Cake recipes to impress, including the ultimate chocolate fudge cake, classic Victoria sponge cake, a banana cake recipe and Mary Berry's orange layer cake

Cake recipes to impress, including the ultimate chocolate fudge cake, classic Victoria sponge cake, a banana cake recipe and Mary Berry's orange layer cake. Whether you prefer something sweeter, fruity, chocolatey, or lighter, we all have our weakness when it comes to cake. There's also always a reason to have cake, whether you're celebrating a birthday, got a charity bake sale or you're expecting guests for a coffee.

This light-as-air lemon chiffon cake is the perfect cake for spring.

Baking a beautiful cake doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. The baking itself should be simple enough and if you're looking for something more elaborate and show-stopping, you can take some time on the decorating to make them look the part.

You'll find some traditional cake recipes in our collection, as well as some less common flavours and ingredients including parsnips and courgettes, which help reduce the quantity of fat needed in the cake - often replacing butter. Yes, we know it's a little unusual but trust us... You can either play it safe or try something totally new, but whatever your preference, all our cake recipes are easy to make and won't keep you in the kitchen too long. From show-stoppers to simple loaf cakes, we've got them all, so take your pick depending on the occasion and make a delicious cake that will impress everyone.

See more easy but impressive cake recipes...

The Best Cake Recipes (1)

Banana Bread Cake with Butterscotch Icing

One slice of this moist, rich banana bread cake with butterscotch icing recipe will have you running back for more!

The Best Cake Recipes (2)

Apple and Blackberry Cake

Make apple and blackberry cake recipe with this easy all-in-one recipe made with seasonal fruit (and just perfect with a dollop of cream).

The Best Cake Recipes (3)

(Image credit: Laura Edwards)

Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Frosting

This light and zesty carrot cake with orange cream frosting is one of our favourite recipes, and one of our most popular on the site.

The Best Cake Recipes (4)

(Image credit: Laura Edwards)

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Rich and delicious, this chocolate fudge cake is one of our most popular recipes. You can't go wrong with this recipe.See the chocolate fudge cake recipe.

The Best Cake Recipes (5)

(Image credit: Laura Edwards)

Cup of Tea Fruit Loaf

Pre-soaking gives you fruit that is plump, juicy and bursting with flavour for this delicious traditional cup of tea fruit loaf recipe.

The Best Cake Recipes (6)

Courgette and Lime Cake

This courgette and lime cake recipe may sound strange but it's delicious!

The Best Cake Recipes (7)

Madeira Cake

Try this light and springy madeira cake recipe for a classic cake that can be made with mainly storecupboard ingredients.

The Best Cake Recipes (8)

Apple Walnut Cake with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

This incredibly glamorous Sex and the City-inspired apple walnut cake with caramel cream cheese frosting recipe yields a creamy, hugely rich apple and walnut cake. You won't be able to resist a second slice!

Mary Berry's Orange Cake

Zesty and light, this orange cake recipe from the queen of baking Mary Berry herself is delicious at any time of the day!

The Best Cake Recipes (10)

Chocolate Hazelnut Salted Caramel Cake

This is a real show stopper, with chocolate and hazelnut layers wrapped in Swiss meringue buttercream icing and dripping in caramel. This stunning chocolate hazelnut salted caramel cake is worth the effort.

The Best Cake Recipes (11)

Coffee and Walnut Cake

Coffee and walnut cake recipe is a traditional British favourite. Treat your taste buds with this recipe and your sugar lust will be well and truly satisfied.

The Best Cake Recipes (12)

Red Velvet Cake

An American classic for a reason, this flashy cake tastes as good as it looks - try our red velvet cake recipe for yourself!

The Best Cake Recipes (13)

Dark Chocolate and Almond Torte

This dark chocolate and almond torte recipe is delicious served with crème fraîche, vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Tumble a few raspberries on top if you're making this when they're in season for a simple but beautiful effect.

The Best Cake Recipes (14)

Dairy Free Ginger Cake

This ginger cake recipe is so moist and spicy, no-one will believe that it's dairy-free. If you can lock it away in a cake tin for a day or two, it will taste even better!

The Best Cake Recipes (15)

Sour Cream Cake with Lavender

Our beautifully moist sour cream cake with lavender recipe keeps for three days in an airtight container - which means more time for you to have another slice!

The Best Cake Recipes (16)

Nutty Orange and Parsnip Cake

The addition of parsnip to this nutty orange cake recipe makes for a deliciously moist alternative to carrot cake.

The Best Cake Recipes (17)

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Rich, dark and guaranteed to give just the right sort of punch. This flourless chocolate cake recipe tastes divine just out of the oven, but the creme fraiche and fresh raspberry topping add a grown-up edge.

The Best Cake Recipes (18)

Chocolate and Hazelnut Victoria Sponge Cake

A nice and simple victoria sponge cake recipe but with a chocolatey twist, why not stir some chopped nuts through the cake mixture for a seriously nutty taste.

The Best Cake Recipes (19)

Lemon, Almond and Yogurt Cake

We've used yogurt instead of butter in this cake recipe to cut down on the saturated fat. The flavour is just as delicious and the almonds give a fabulous texture.

The Best Cake Recipes (20)

(Image credit: charlie richards)

Victoria Sandwich Loaf

The cornerstone of a traditional British afternoon tea, our Victoria sandwich loaf recipe has all the cream and strawberry jam of the original in a pretty loaf shape.

The Best Cake Recipes (21)

Mini Cupcakes

You'll be proud to serve our mini cupcakes recipe at a special tea or fundraising event. They also make lovely girly gifts!Indulge your sinful side by using liqueurs and syrups for flavouring - you can redeem yourself by using natural cream cheese frosting rather than buttercream.

The Best Cake Recipes (22)

Lemon Drizzle Cake

You'll be the envy of your friends when you serve up this lemon drizzle cake recipe. Light, moist sponge cake, oozing with sticky lemon frosting - we're feeling hungry just thinking about it!

The Best Cake Recipes (23)

(Image credit: Laura Edwards)

Spiced Apple Sour Cream Cake

The flavours of this moist spiced apple sour cream cake recipe will develop on keeping - if you can resist its charms for long enough, that is!

The Best Cake Recipes (24)

Caramel Cheesecake

A luscious layer of dulce de leche sets off this decadent caramel cheesecake recipe, and its smooth filling pairs wonderfully with the crunchy ginger nut base. We know you love cheesecakes and this is one of our best!

The Best Cake Recipes (25)

Salted Peanut Caramel Cupcakes

This salted peanut caramel cupcakes recipe has a thoroughly modern twist, with the salt cutting through the sweetness of the caramel.

The Best Cake Recipes (26)

Strawberry and Lemon Triple Layer Cake

Lazy cake bakers rejoice! This delectable strawberry and lemon triple layer cake recipe looks impressive, but is incredibly easy to make. You can even make the sponges weeks in advance and keep them in the freezer.

The Best Cake Recipes (27)

Pistachio and Rosewater Cake

This incredibly pretty cake is infused with the delicate flavours of the Middle East - our pistachio and rosewater cake recipe will wow your guests.

The Best Cake Recipes (28)

Banoffee Swiss Roll

A new twist on banoffee - and on swiss roll! We predict your family and friends will love this delightful combination in ourbanoffee swiss roll recipe.

The Best Cake Recipes (29)

Chocolate Brownie Cake

A big, brash American-style show-stopper, this chocolate brownie cake recipe is perfect for both adults and children.

The Best Cake Recipes (30)

Frosted Peach and Coconut Cake

A really beautiful and unusual cake, you'll be unable to resist a slice of this gorgeous frosted peach and coconut cake recipe.

The Best Cake Recipes (31)

(Image credit: One Bowl Baking, Yvonne Ruperti)

Lemon Sorbet Cake

The ideal cake for small parties when you only need to serve six or eight. This four-layer lemon sorbet tiny cake recipe is paired with zingy frosting. Delicious!

The Best Cake Recipes (32)

Sticky Ginger and Treacle Cake with Rum and Pecan Praline

Happiness (with a touch of nostalgia) is the best description of the feeling this sticky ginger and treacle cake with rum and pecan praline recipe produces.

The Best Cake Recipes (33)

(Image credit: Recipes For A Good Time)

Boozy Banana Cake

A great way to use up leftover bananas - this boozy banana cake recipe is a guaranteed BBQ hit.

The Best Cake Recipes (34)

Tiramisu Cupcakes

Turn the Italian pud that everyone loves into a teatime treat with our tiramisu cupcakes recipe.

The Best Cake Recipes (35)

(Image credit: charlie richards)

Chocolate and Hazelnut Victoria Sandwich

A simple Victoria sponge with a chocolatey twist, our chocolate and hazelnut Victoria sandwich recipe is a real crowd-pleaser.

The Best Cake Recipes (36)

Almond, Polenta and Honey Cake

This almond, polenta and honey cake recipe has hardly any flour in it, giving it a moist, heavy texture and a wonderful sweet flavour.

The Best Cake Recipes (37)

Lemon and Almond Cake with Amaretto

This is just so pretty! A perfect gift for someone's birthday, or just because you felt like having some me-time in the kitchen, this lemon and almond cake with amaretto recipe tastes every bit as lovely as it looks.

The Best Cake Recipes (38)

Chocolate Guinness Cake

With a fantastically moist texture and a deep, rich flavour, our chocolate Guinness cake recipe is one you'll return to time and again. It also makes a great birthday cake for even the most macho men!

The Best Cake Recipes (39)

Spiced Beetroot Cake with Mascarpone

With a rich flavour and crumbly texture, you wouldn't guess this spiced beetroot cake with mascarpone recipe is made with an antioxidant-packed superfood.

The Best Cake Recipes (40)

Orange and Walnut Layer Cake

A real American show-stopper, this orange and walnut layer cake recipe is perfect for tea with the girls, and the orange's sharpness stops it being too rich.

The Best Cake Recipes (41)

(Image credit: charlie richards)

Dundee Cake

There's nothing nicer than a good slice of light crumbly fruit cake and this Dundee cake recipe is our idea of the perfect companion to a cup of tea!Find more easy cake recipes

The Best Cake Recipes (2024)


What is the number 1 best cake in the world? ›

Recipes. Sponge cake baked with meringue and almonds becomes the centerpiece of this delightful layer cake filled with custard and whipped cream. Kvæfjordkake began its inception in the north of Norway and has earned it's nickname as verdens beste, “the world's best”.

Which cake is king of cakes? ›

A king cake, also known as a three kings cake, is a cake associated in many countries with Epiphany. Its form and ingredients are variable, but in most cases a fève ( lit. 'fava bean') such as a figurine, often said to represent the Christ Child, is hidden inside.

What is the most loved cake in the world? ›

The most popular cake worldwide is Chocolate cake. Chocolate, made from the cacao bean, is delicious and was first invented by the Olmecs, one of the original tribes of Mexico.

What is the most luxurious cake? ›

The "Diamond Cake" by Debbie Wingham - Price: $75 million

An amalgamation of luxury and confectionary art, it's embedded with more than 4000 diamonds, including pink, yellow, and white ones, making it not just a cake but a jewelled masterpiece. It's no wonder it holds the crown for the most expensive cake in the world!

What is America's favorite cake flavor? ›

Some of the most popular cake flavors include chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, red velvet, black forest, and pineapple. They also have unique flavors such as blueberry, strawberry, and mango that are perfect for those who want to try something different.

What is a cake without cream called? ›

Oil Cake. Oil cakes follow the same principles as butter cakes, but use oil as the source of fat. Because oil is liquid at room temperature, oil cake recipes skip the step of creaming the fat and sugar; usually the oil is incorporated into the wet ingredients, which are whisked or folded into the dry ingredients.

What is a rich cake? ›

The Rich Cake is really Sri Lanka's version of the Western fruit cake. However, unlike the Western fruit cake, which I've never been able to eat, this version is unique for its moistness and rich flavor. The key to this cake is the finally minced dried fruits and the low temperature that the cake is baked at.

What is a cake without icing called? ›

Cake fanatics, try this new frosting technique: the naked cake. With barely-there icing, you can see all the goodness you're about to slice into.

What are the Kardashians favorite cake? ›

For over 30 years, Hansen's Cakes in Los Angeles has been making cakes for the Kardashian-Jenner family — specifically their flower-topped basket weave cake.


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