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The Charm of Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings (1)

The Charm of Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings (2)

Kimberly Zerkel | March 25, 2024

In a world where some trends can come and go with the seasons, the allure of vintage-inspired engagement rings stands as a testament to their timeless appeal. These rings, with their intricate designs and storied pasts, offer more than just beauty; they represent a bridge to romantic eras long gone, embodying the depth and endurance of true love. Today, the fusion of historical charm with modern craftsmanship is more popular than ever.

With vintage-inspired engagement rings featuring VRAI created diamonds, you truly get the best of both worlds. Your ring is inspired by historical and timeless styles, but your diamond gently grown in our zero-emission foundry is a celebration of the future of our planet. Book an appointment with our diamond experts to find yours.

The Allure of History in Modern Love

Vintage-inspired engagement rings hold an emotional and symbolic significance that goes beyond their physical appearance. These designs connect couples to bygone eras of romance, infusing their modern love stories with the legacy of the past. Whether Victorian or Art Deco-inspired, the choice of a vintage-inspired ring is often driven by a desire to embody the timeless aesthetics that have shaped our notions of romance through the centuries.

Defining Characteristics of Vintage-Inspired Rings

The distinct charm of vintage-inspired rings lies in their attention to detail. Key features such as milgrain edging, filigree work, and unique, often complex, settings give these rings their character. From the geometric symmetry of Art Deco designs to the delicate, nature-inspired motifs of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, each ring tells a story of its own, offering a glimpse into the design sensibilities of the past. Victorian rings in particular will feature ornate bands, whereas Edwardian rings will highlight the center stone with intricate settings. Art Deco styles include Halo and Bezel settings that accentuate the central diamond shape.

Why Choose a Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring?

A vintage-inspired engagement ring stands out for its unique blend of history and personal significance, ensuring that no two love stories are the same. They are also beloved for their timeless beauty; unlike trends that fade, the beauty of vintage-inspired rings endures, offering a piece that will be cherished for generations to come.

Incorporating VRAI Created Diamonds into Vintage Designs

Pairing the intricate designs of vintage-inspired rings with VRAI created diamonds combines the best of both worlds: the sustainability that is achievable thanks to modern technology and the elegance of past eras. VRAI’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that each ring not only looks beautiful but also exceeds industry standards.

Customization Options for Your Vintage-Inspired Ring

VRAI offers extensive customization options, allowing couples to create a ring that truly reflects their personal story. From selecting the perfect diamond shape and setting to choosing the metal type, every aspect of the ring can be tailored to suit individual preferences, making the vintage-inspired design even more special.

Caring for Your Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring

To maintain the beauty of a vintage-inspired engagement ring, regular care is essential. Gently cleaning the ring with a soft-bristled brush and mild soap helps preserve its sparkle, while professional check-ups can ensure that its intricate details remain in perfect condition.

VRAI’s Collection of Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

VRAI’s collection of vintage-inspired engagement rings offers a variety of designs that capture the essence of different historical periods. Each ring, with its unique features and homage to past design eras, tells a story of enduring love.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Metals

Selecting the right metal for a vintage-inspired engagement ring is crucial, as it not only forms the foundation of the piece but also enhances its historical accuracy and overall aesthetic. Traditional metals used in vintage jewelry include yellow gold, renowned for its timeless appeal and warmth, and platinum, valued for its durability and luxurious luster. Rose gold, with its romantic hue, is a more modern choice that still evokes the vintage charm, offering a softer alternative to the classic metals. Each metal brings its own character to a vintage-inspired design, influencing the ring's feel and appearance. For instance, yellow gold accentuates the warmth and richness of older styles, while platinum highlights the intricate craftsmanship with its sleek, bright finish. When choosing the metal for a vintage-inspired ring, consider how its color and properties will complement the design and diamond to achieve the desired antique look. The Toi et Moi in yellow gold, the Halo in platinum, and the Tapered Classic in rose gold are just a few vintage-inspired favorites.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes

The diamond shape is pivotal in defining the ring's vintage character. Classic shapes such as the Asscher cut are directly associated with specific historical periods, instantly imbuing a ring with antique charm. The Asscher cut, characterized by its deep step facets and high crown, offers a glimpse into the Art Deco era with its geometric precision and bold clarity. Marquise and Oval cuts, with their elongated shapes, draw inspiration from the elegance and opulence of bygone eras, making them perfect for those seeking a ring with a distinguished vintage look. Selecting a diamond shape that reflects the design elements of the past ensures that the vintage-inspired engagement ring authentically captures the essence of the era it aims to represent. The Signature Asscher, the Pavé Dome Marquise, and the V Oval are all engagement rings with the perfect vintage touch.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Settings

The setting of a vintage-inspired engagement ring plays a significant role in conveying the design's historical inspiration. Settings that feature intricate detailing, such as milgrain edging, filigree work, and halo designs, are quintessential to achieving an authentic vintage look. Milgrain edging, which consists of tiny bead-like decorations along the edges, adds a delicate texture reminiscent of early 20th-century jewelry. Filigree work, with its elaborate scroll and lace patterns, evokes the meticulous craftsmanship of the Art Nouveau and Edwardian periods. Halo settings, where the center diamond is encircled by smaller diamonds, not only enhance the ring's sparkle but also mirror the opulent styles of the past. Bezel settings, offering a sleek outline with a metal rim encasing the diamond, can give a nod to the retro aesthetics while providing a modern twist. When combined thoughtfully, these settings can transform a ring into a piece that not only pays homage to the vintage styles but also carries the personal significance and timeless beauty desired in an engagement ring. The Aurora Halo, Signature Floral, and Bezel are engagement rings with VRAI created diamonds directly influenced by these vintage setting styles.

Choose VRAI created diamonds

In choosing a vintage-inspired engagement ring, couples are making a statement that transcends the aesthetic. They are embracing a piece of history, a symbol of sustainability, and a testament to the uniqueness of their love story. VRAI’s collection awaits those ready to find or customize their own piece of timeless beauty. Book an appointment with our diamond experts to find yours today.

The Charm of Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings (2024)


What are the characteristics of a vintage engagement ring? ›

Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

They are opulent and romantic in style featuring decorative motifs such as flowers, birds, and hearts and as many gemstones and diamonds as possible. During this time, yellow gold was the metal of choice for the band, while silver was used to set the center stone to make it stand out.

Do vintage engagement rings keep their value? ›

Antique engagement rings hold their value very well if kept in good condition.

What did Audrey Hepburn's engagement ring look like? ›

Instead of an engagement ring, Audrey got to wear three bands. One yellow, one rose, and one white. The yellow and rose gold bands were beveled with a geometric pattern on the surface. The white gold band featured 1.5 carats of baguette diamonds in an eternity setting.

Why are vintage rings so expensive? ›

Rarer cuts like the old mine and European cuts found in antique engagement rings have a higher value and make them more expensive. It's all supply and demand.

How can you tell if a ring is vintage? ›

It is a good idea to check for marks of brands that were popular at one time, but do no longer exist, regional hallmarks that have been undated, or metal alloys that are no longer used in contemporary jewellery. All of these will be signs that you have an older jewellery item that is valuable.

Why choose a vintage engagement ring? ›

Vintage engagement rings are often unique because they have intricate engravings, millegrains, enamel, and calibre set stones. These details aren't as common in modern jewellery. Because each ring is handmade, there are no exact copies. Vintage rings are a great choice for someone looking for something unique.

What was Princess Diana's engagement ring? ›

Engagement ring

Diana and Charles became engaged in February 1981. Her engagement ring consisted of 14 diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-karat white gold. It was created by then-crown jeweller Garrard.

What was Princess Anne's engagement ring? ›

Princess Anne

Dashing Captain Mark Phillips proposed to Princess Anne with a classic sapphire three stone ring. The Princess received another sapphire ring from her second husband, Timothy Laurence. The ring – a cabochon cut sapphire with three diamonds on each side – is a little less traditional but still splendid!

What was Grace Kelly's engagement ring? ›

For Christmas, Prince Rainier sailed to Philadelphia and proposed to Kelly with her first engagement ring, the Cartier Eternity Band, in her family home. At the time, Kelly was filming High Society (this would be her final film).

Are older diamonds more valuable? ›

Old diamonds can be exceptionally rare and unique, making them valuable to collectors and enthusiasts. However, new diamonds offer modern precision and are easily assessed for quality, and lab-grown diamonds are considered the most ethical and environmentally friendly choice, making them worth more to some.

What age is a vintage ring? ›

Expert Tips for Identifying Authentic Vintage Jewellery Pieces. The term 'vintage' refers to pieces of jewellery that are older than 40 years and younger than 100, although some may consider that pieces made in the 1980s fall into this category too.

What rings go up in value? ›

Market trends: Market trends can have a significant impact on the value of engagement rings. For example, vintage and antique rings may appreciate due to their uniqueness and historical significance with time.

What is the difference between vintage and antique ring? ›

A piece of jewellery should be described as antique if it is over 100 years old. As jewellery passes over the 100-year age mark, it technically becomes classified as antique as opposed to vintage, but as we have learned already – it's common for the lines to be blurred, especially with unique engagement rings.

How do you date a vintage engagement ring? ›

First, check for hallmarks and a maker's mark on the inside of your band. These markings may provide information about the jeweller who originally created the piece, its country of origin, and sometimes even the date of manufacture.

How can you tell how old an engagement ring is? ›

Hallmarks and Maker's Marks: One of the primary indicators of a jewelry piece's age is the presence of hallmarks and maker's marks. These marks are often stamped on the jewelry itself and provide valuable information about its origin and date of creation.

What did engagement rings look like in the 1920s? ›

Emerald cuts, baguette cuts, triangle shapes and square cuts were heavily favored for their sharp, clean, and straight lines. The end goal was always to create a visually interesting piece of jewelry that was perfectly balanced in its symmetry.


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