The Ring of Fate - Corruption of Champions II (2024)

The Ring of Fate
Quest GiverCalise
RequirementsBe up to State 5 of The Siege of Khor'minos
Level Range6+
Quest TypeChampion Quest
RewardThe Ring of Fate
LocationGrave of Saints
Can Fail?Yes

"So! My dear Champion, consider this an optional step — I wouldn't be mad if you consider yourself above a little grave robbing — but I truly believe that in my hands, this ring could be even more powerful a tool than on Persenne's hand. Imagine if I could extend the ring's protection over the entire army? What if... what if I could use it to banish demons outright, or revert them to their mortal forms? Can you see why I'm so interested?"

Once you've shut down the smuggling operation in the Undermountain, Calise has a new proposition for you - travel to the Grave of Saints and reclaim a relic that could be pivotal in turning the tide in the ongoing siege.

For information on the item, see Ring of Fate.


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    • 5.2 The Faceless Blade
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Writer Credit


Quest States

Tell Calise you have No InterestCalise asked you to help her find an artifact from Khor'minos' history, but you turned her down.
1Tell Calise YesCalise has asked you to help her find an artifact from Khor'minos' history. Meet her at the Steps of Sorra, in the northwestern-most part of the Undermountain, to begin your expedition.
2Meet Calise in the UndermountainYou've arrived in the Grave of Saints. The Ring of Fate must be here somewhere...
3Retrieve the relicYou've acquired the Ring of Fate, the artifact in question. Time to leave!
Defeat the Faceless BladeDespite the best efforts of an assassin from Tollus's cult, you and Calise have returned to the city — though the paladin was gravely injured in the attack. The Ring of Fate is now in your hands.


After you clear the smuggling operation and report back to Calise, she leaves her spot for 24 hours. When she returns, ask her about the Next Step to obtain this quest.


  • Isadora

Grave of Saints

  • The Faceless Blade
  • Harpy Acolytes
  • Harpy Stormcaller
  • Tomb Raiders

Guest Companions

  • Calise


Calise and Isadora tell you the legend of Persenne, and a magical relic said to be able to heal souls. It was buried with Persenne in the Grave of Saints, and Calise asks for your help in retrieving it to use in the defence of Khor'minos.

  • Yes: You can certainly see how this ring could be huge for the Khor'minoan defenders.
  • No Interest: Going grave robbing for a mythical ring out of ancient history doesn't really sound like a worthwhile use of your time or Calise's.

If you choose No Interest, Calise heads off alone to pursue the relic. She returns in three days, having been ambushed by the enemy and lost the Ring of Fate.

If you choose Yes, Calise leaves for the Steps of Sorra in the north-west of the Undermountain. Once you tell her you're Ready, Calise joins your party and you climb the mountain peaks together. When you get to the top, you are confronted by the Harpy Stormcaller and a group of acolytes who refuse to let you pass.

  • Fight!
  • Diplomacy: Try and talk your way past these feathery godsworn. (if you have children with Zhara, skips combat.)
  • Leananstone: Throw a Leananstone into the midst of the harpies. You'll need a sure aim to hit one of the harpies's breastplates — it's not like there's solid ground to detonate it on. (requires a Leananstone. If you have 66%< Agility, skips combat. Otherwise, leads to combat.)
  • Agnimitra?: Perhaps Agni could speak to these whipper snappers for you? (requires Agnimitra in party, skips combat)

If you lose to the harpies, you get the Harpy Acolyte Execution bad end. If you win, or successfully avoid the battle, you're able to enter the Grave of Saints.

Grave of Saints

The path to the north is blocked by a magical lock. To unlock it, you need to head down the south path. On your way, you hear Tomb Raiders ransacking graves.

  • Attack: Charge straight in and take these giggling demons by surprise!
  • Leananstone: In confined spaces like these, throwing a leananstone in while they aren't expecting an attack should have a pretty devastating effect. (requires Leananstone)
  • Scare Them: If these demonesses are afraid of ghosts, you might be able to scare them off entirely if you can manage a good enough performance. (if you are a Charmer, have the Minstrel background, or pass a 66% Presence check, skips combat. Otherwise, leads to combat.)

If you lose to the demons, you get the f*ck-broken bad end. If you win, or successfully Scare Them, you can progress onwards.

You end up at another fork, where the upper path leads to the Jade Teardrop required to bypass the magical lock. The bottom path leads to a gem puzzle to unlock the Patrician Mask. Once you have the Jade Teardrop, you can return to the north path and reach the Ring of Fate. If you Question Calise, she reveals she was thinking of using it to safeguard your soul. As you go to leave, block the path and demand the ring for 'Queen Kassy'.

  • Fight!
  • Give Ring: You know, if this is for Kas to protect your soul, to hell with Calise — give the thing to Kas. (requires being Romantic with Kasyrra and must have Questioned Calise, otherwise goes straight to combat)

If you lose to Vacia and Bruno, you get the Harem Mates bad end. If you choose Give Ring, Calise refuses to give the ring to the demons. Instead, you negotiate with Vacia that if Kasyrra wants the ring for you, then she should let you keep the ring. Also the ring will end in your inventory before the quest ends.

The Faceless Blade

"Calise?" you ask, turning.

She's standing a couple paces behind you now, pretty green eyes wide with shock. Both her hands are gripped around a blade of silvery-white iron protruding straight through her breastplate.

As you leave the Grave of Saints, the Faceless Blade sneaks up and stabs Calise through the back. Calise is still alive, but badly injured and poisoned, and starts the battle with the Blade with negative status effects. If you bring a Remedy or have an ability, you can quickly patch Calise for the duration of the fight.

If you lose to the Faceless Blade, you get the Faceless Blade Execution bad end. If you're victorious, the Blade flees and you rush Calise back to civilisation. With the help of healers and Velun's divine grace, Calise survives, but is still badly wounded.

Notable Loot and Rewards

If you defeat the Harpy Stormcaller and her acolytes in combat, in addition to electrum you get:

  • 1x Storm Glaive

If you take the path to the far south and unlock the gem puzzle, you get:

  • 1x Patrician Mask

For completing the quest, (or choosing to give ring while being lovers with Kasyrra) you get:

  • 1x Ring of Fate

Gem Puzzle


The Ring of Fate - Corruption of Champions II (2024)


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